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“This book is truly a treasure in the body of Christ. One of the greatest challenges in life for people worldwide, is the quest of knowing one’s power spot. Some refer to it as purpose others call it motivation. When you find your “It” you find your purpose, your power and your peace. This is a must read that goes far beyond literary accuracy, this book will launch you into your divine destiny. Don’t leave home without It!”–Dr. Patricia Bailey- Lecturer, Author, and Founder of Master’s Touch Ministries International. http://www.patriciabaileyministries.com/



Aaronetta Frison





Your “It” can be dreams that are imbedded within your DNA that reside deep within your heart. All of us have them, these are thoughts and dreams that may have been lying dormant because of roadblocks along the way such as, low self esteem, and addiction, a bad relationship, a huge disappointment, a financial loss, abuse, health challenges, fear and other things that bind us up in life; but God through Rosalind Y. Tompkins can help your It be activated so that you can become a more productive person carrying out your purpose which matches with God’s will for your life. I highly recommend What Is It!—–Minister Aaronetta Frison






What Is It is a wonderful, moving, and exciting journey that never stops, until you are at the end and then there is more…Life Lessons. Rosalind Y. Tompkins does it again. A topic that may sometimes be seen as pedestrian is presented in a light, active, and practical way that can be applied by anyone. What Is It is timely, especially in this season of turmoil and uncertainty. —-Minister Richard L. Kwame Lewis


Rosalind Y. Tompkins book, “What Is It? Defining, Finding, and Obtaining Your It” is an explosive revelatory word for today!  The powerful and precise message she so clearly lays out chapter after chapter is encouraging, motivational and refreshing.  It is prophetic, directional and teaches you how to navigate your way to having it all. This book, once read, will equip individuals in all walks of life to fulfill purpose, follow dreams, and find what their “It” is.   I place it on the top of the “must read list” —–Pastor Darlene Wade http://www.darlenewade.com/

Hi Pastor Rosalind, “What Is It?” is personal, practical, powerful and prophetic. This easy yet profound reading material can help one discover, develop and deploy their God given gifts and talents thus fulfilling their highest purpose for which they were born. Others who have it can also be blessed by further impartation and confirmation. You are a blessing to the kingdom of God. Dr. Steven Govender We are delivered by seed power! Restoration and Revival Ministries Intl. www.restorationrevivalministries.org

“What Is It” is a GPS to discovering your true passion, setting goals and fulfilling your dreams. Whether you’re on a spiritual, business or personal quest, there is something for you in this awesome book. -Venus Mason Theus, Author of “Brown Paper Bag,”


What Is It examines the various ways to discover what our It is and the different ways to help us to get and achieve It now. If you need answers, not sure of your “It factor”, or you want to know more about It, this book is a must read.- Dr. Laureen Wishom, Award-Winning Author of “Fit, Fine & Fabulous in Career, Business & Life”

“Hello Rosalind,
Your book has really challenged me to find my It! I thank God for giving you the vision to provoke me to be true to finding my It and move toward my God given purpose! Wow thanks, may God continue to bless you with an overflow! Love You” –Sandra King


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Author Rosalind Y. Tompkins shares her Motivation for writing “What Is It?”

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