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Many people ask me the question, “How can I help?”  Let me ask you a question, ‘Would you like to be a part of a New World that if filled with HOPE, LOVE, LIFE, INSPIRATION, INFORMATION, and the CREATIVE POWER OF GOD?”  If so you can help by becoming a Citizen of Hope Universe!  Please subscribe for Citizenship in Hope Universe.  Citizenship has its privileges.  As a Citizen of HOPE UNIVERSE you will receive FREE Hope Universe Resources and Coaching to Help you Create Your World and Live Your Best Life!  In order to subscribe for only $19.95 tax-deductible gift per month (Less than $1.00 per day) please submit your subscription fee by clicking the Citizenship In Hope Universe link to Pay Pal below and a Welcome Package will be sent right out to you….also know that you can cancel your subscription at anytime.  This is how you can help!


As a Hope Universe Citizen you are helping others through the ministry of Mothers In Crisis, and membership does have its privileges!”  You will receive monthly Hope Universe Newsletters that will have all the latest information about free resources, services, and products that are available for our citizens only.  You can send updates and information that you would like to be included in the newsletter to

In addition, Hope Universe Citizenship gives you membership into the “Losing Weight and Loving Life” coaching classes, and it also gives you free spot coaching services to help you with “getting out there”, building your brand, and living your best life.  These are just some of the Awesome benefits that come with your Citizenship!

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